Posted June 20, 2019

#Job Description

  1. Prepare and support the establishment of accounting systems, budgeting and cash flow forecasting.

  2. Design enterprise financial accounting systems.

  3. Assist enterprises in asset and equity restructures, corporate mergers and acquisitions work and design management system.

  4. Provide enterprises with analysis reports and management advice.

  5. Convert between US GAAP and Chinese accounting standards based on clients’ needs.

  6. Analyze financial information and prepare financial reports including assisting clients on determining or maintaining record of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liability or other financial activities in compliance with accounting procedures and standards.

  7. Examine and analyze clients’ accounting records, bank statements and other financial information to generate financial reports including income statement, profit and loss, balance sheet, statement of cash flow, and budget analysis.

  8. Conduct year-end inventory observation, assess the clients’ accounting principles used, and evaluate the overall financial statement presentation.

  9. Provide enterprise asset management, liability management, and risk management consulting.

  10. Advise clients on financial matters, compensation benefits, and business incorporation.

  11. Implement measures to test the accuracy of bookkeeping records, monitor the financial progress of clients’ business and deter fraud.

#Minimum Requirements

  1. Master’s degree in Accounting or related.

  2. At least six months of experience as an accountant.

  3. Deep understanding of GAAP and financial analysis.

  4. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, and other accounting software.

  5. Excellent communication, interpersonal, and analytic skills.

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