#Accounting Business Services

We are able to offer not only the traditional accounting services, but also the special services in the field of each specific industry, which requires special knowledge and experiences. Our professional Chinese accounting team has sufficient knowledge and experience in helping clients complete the establishment of an accounting system and resolve complex issues in both China and the U.S. Our accounting services are able to enhance the accuracy of a company's financial statements and support to solve the problem.

Our accounting business services include the following related items without limitation:
• Prepare and support the establishment of accounting systems, budgeting and cash flow forecasting
• Convert U.S. GAAP and Chinese accounting standards
• Design enterprise financial accounting systems
• Assist enterprises in asset and equity restructures, corporate mergers and acquisitions work and management system design
• Provide enterprises with analysis reports and management advice

#Financial Consulting

Our professional people can help the private sector to undertake the reorganization of the financial structures and assist them in the process of IPO in the United States stock markets. We also offer customers the tax and accounting programs, establish and improve the financial reporting system in accordance with the standards and requirements of the United States, and training and helping set up an internal control team. We are able to play the role as a bridge between the Chinese private enterprises and international capital markets. During the IPO process in U.S. stock markets, we closely work with our clients to establish a successful listing.

Our financial consulting services include the following related items without limitation:
• Develop the overall program of enterprise restructuring and the pre-IPO plan
• Provide enterprise asset management, liability management, risk management consulting and the best financial structure design for the business
• Recommend relevant agencies such as sponsors, underwriters, lawyers, accountants and established transaction groups to assist our clients
• Coordinate among sponsors, underwriters, accounting firms, law firms, appraisers firms and other intermediary related agencies
• Train senior management personnel
• Offer auditor evaluation, selection and introduction
• Assist in prospectus drafting and diligence

#Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services

Our M&A practice team fully commit themselves to each client with differentiated, value-added advice and a complete and proven method to facilitate smooth and successful acquisitions.

Our advisory services include the following related items without limitation:
• Assist companies in conducting due diligence on the target company
• Work with the buyer's agent in planning the acquisition of suitable enterprises while obtaining the most favorable outcomes and optimizing growth
• Act as the seller to help companies achieve the lowest possible cost of a successful transaction
• Protect our client’s interests in the target company and its shareholders
• Organize the acquisition group and set up work schedules
• Participate in the negotiations and determine the conditions for mergers and acquisitions
• Organize and coordinate accounting firms, law firms, appraisers firms and other intermediaries work related acquisitions
• Assist the party in acquiring the relevant documents

#Financial Regulatory Advisory Services

The American Stock Exchange – S.E.C. (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) registration process for companies is often complex due to the heaping financial regulations. We assist our clients in understanding the laws and procedures while also troubleshooting and solving issues that arise on an individual basis. We help companies complete the necessary reporting procedures so that they can carry out normal daily activities in the American Stock markets.

Our professional team has extensive experience in the United States. They fully grasp and understand the Chinese and American financial reporting standards.

We also provide our clients with financial regulations compliance services, which includes:
• IPO registration (S-1)
• The annual financial statements and quarterly review (10-K and 10-Q)
• Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Services
• Helping companies comply with and follow the regulations of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
• Assess, establish and implement an internal control system